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Edlandsporten AS - Your supplier of garage doors through dealer network in large parts of Norway



Edlandsporten has been a leading company in the development of of the modern garage door - and sells quality doors both for the home market and for export. 

All doors are provided with heavy duty hinges and fittings, and can operate manually or automatically
- they are easy to handle and safe in use.  Edlandsporten unites tradition and innovation, something you will notice when you begin to use your new garage door.
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We have a wide product range covering virtually everything you as a customer must have. 

Those who choose a garage door from Edlandsporten can choose amongst many different variations of patterns. 
We deliver side doors in the same design as the garage door. This gives a beautiful and uniform character to your garage.

Garage doors - Residential

Many would like garage doors that require a minimal amount of maintenance and inspection. Edlandsportens steel doors are a natural and safe choice. Edlands steel doors are especially solid, of the highest quality and need only a normal inspection and wash. The doors are 42 millimetre thick and very strong - up to 5 metres wide and does not require stiffeners.

Custom Made Overheaddoors

Custom Made overheaddoors, the quality solution for every facade. When searching for the right overhead door, safety, durability, customisation and appearance are very important. You are looking for a reliable product that will operate problem free under all conditions. A proven product that will be made according to your specification and be delivered on time.

Side doors

For most of our doors, we deliver side doors in aluminium frames the same design and pattern. Do you need an entrance door for your garage? We can deliver your door in the same design as the garage door. How to create an overall impression of the garage? One of the benefits of a stainless steel door is that it is very stable, - and this is very important - in extremes of the Norwegian climate.

Mounting of garage doors

It is important to keep the following in mind! When you receive garage doors or doors, make sure that there are no defects and that the parts needed are accounted for. Any claim has to be made before the surface treatment or assembly starts and no later than 8 days after the product was received. The steel doors are finished and treated at the factory.

Door openers

A garage door open makes daily life more convenient. The security will be significantly better with an automatic door opener from Edlandsporten. The obvious advantage with our automatic garage door openers is of course that you don‘t have to leave the car to open the garage door. Most of us appreciate this when the autumn weather begins to close in or the winter cold has set in outside of nice warm car.
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