Fire resistant aluminium roller shutter AFS EI 60

afs rolluik ei60

The aluminium fire roller shutter is a unique, solid, reliable and very effective door with a high fire resistance.

This product is very suitable for sealing large halls, commercial buildings, potentially fire- and explosion hazard atmospheres, office buildings andshopping centres. The roller shutter automatically closes after fire alarm, when connected to a fire alarm system. The special flame trap prevents flames coming through. The roller shutter is made for daily use. By default supplied in brute aluminium. Optionally supplied in every RAL colour requested. Tailor made for every situation!
  • Aesthetically attractive because of aluminium armor
  • Fire resistance for daily use.
  • Classification EI¹ 30 / EI² 60 / EW 90 minutes.
  • NEN-EN 1634-1 tested.
Installation drawing
Fire resistant aluminium roller shutter
Aluminum fire shutter, also suitable for normal daily use as a barrier to window and wall openings. The high quality insulating core and special flame trap ensure an excellent working fireproof seal.

Fireproof closure of large halls and industrial buildings, fire and hazardous areas, office buildings and shopping malls.

Tested in accordance with NEN 6069 and NEN-EN 1634-1 Classification EI¹ 30 / EI² 60 / EW 90 minutes.

The rolling armor is made from high quality extruded doublewalled aluminium roller shutter profiles 180x50 mm with a wall thickness of 2x 2.0 mm. These double-walled profiles are filled with high fire resisting material. The profiles are, over their entire length, pivotally connected to each other. Sealing against flames coming through by means of labyrinth profiles.

The movement system is composed of two galvanized steel consoles, in which the tube is mounted and the armor rolls over.

The fireproof shutter comes in brute aluminium. Optionally, the cover and guides are provided in any RAL colour.
The fireproof shutter is driven by a 230V or 400V drive and is closing electrically by default. Optionally, the shutter can be fitted with a FailSafe 400V drive or backup battery (UPS).
The fireproof shutter is equipped with a up/down push button by default. The control box can be connected to any fire or smoke detection system or equipped with stand-alone smoke detectors. For daily use, all kinds of operation and control systems can be applied.
Armor weight is about 45 kg per sqm. Total weight depends on the size and specifications of the roller shutter.
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