Fire swing doors NDS LD-30/60/120 EI


The LD‐120 hinged fire door offers a very high degree of fire resistance and is very suitable for the fireproof closing of window and wall openings.

The door is suitable for normal daily use. The door can be held open by means of an electromagnet system. In case of fire, the fire alarm system makes sure the door closes automatically by the door closer. The door is finished with RAL 7035 colour by default, with a small surcharge to paint the door in any RAL colour possible. Next Door Systems has for every situation and application a suitable fireproof door available.
  • Fire resistance 60 EI₁ and 120 minutes EI₂
  • Tested in accordance with NEN-EN 1634-1
  • Available in both single and double leaf version
  • Also certified with glass and grilles
  • Also suitable for PGS15 spaces (60EI₁)
Installation drawing
Fire swing door
NDS LD-30/60/120 EI
A hinged fireproof door which is usable and applicable as a normal swing door for daily use.

Fireproof closure where fire compartmentation is needed. For example in office buildings, factories, food industry applications, agricultural applications and PGS15 spaces.

Tested in accordance with NEN-EN 1634-1.

30 minutes EI₁ single leaf / EI₂ double leaf
60 minutes EI₁ single leaf / EI₂ double leaf
120 minutes EI₂ single leaf / EI₂ double leaf

The double-walled door leaf consists of 0.8 mm thick galvanized sheet steel. The core consists of fire-resistant material. Delivery by default with Z-frame of 1.25 mm thick galvanized steel. By default, the door is carried out with a plastic handle/crank with a steel day and night lock with euro profile cylinder.

The door leaf and frame are finished in colour RAL 7035. For a small surcharge, the door can be finished in any other RAL colour. Optionally, the door can also be supplied in Stainless Steel version.

By default supplied with a handle/crank or optionally with a quick release. The door can be held in open position by means of an adhesive magnet. In case of fire detection by fire detection system, the door closes automatically.

On request, depending on the type and version of the door.

single leaf 30 minutes approx. 20 kg/m²
single leaf 60 minutes approx. 22 kg/m².
single leaf 120 minutes approx. 42 kg/m².