Mounting of garage doors

Mounting of garage doors

It is important to keep the following in mind! When you receive garage doors or doors, make sure that there are no defects and that the parts needed are accounted for.

Any claim has to be made before the surface treatment or assembly starts and no later than 8 days after the product was received. The steel doors are finished and treated at the factory.


The keep the door attractive you should give it an even wash and waxing. This reduces the possibility for damage to the paint and increases the lifetime of the door.   The damaged area should be primed painted over with suitable paint. Contact the dealer. Screws and nuts should be checked and tightened. Lubricate the hinges and wheel bearings  with oil. The rails can be lubricated with a thin layer of oil.  Wheels with worn bearings and springs and wires must be changed if they are damaged. 


It can cause serious personal injury and damage to materials if you do not secure the door properly and take great care when mounting and adjusting the springs, wires or the wheels. Never try to adjust or loosen the wheels or springs when the door is closed or in a half open position.

Contact a professional if you are not sure how the work is to be done.
Rear mounted torsion springs D measurement: 16 cm. Special fittings D measurement: 9 cm. Contact the dealer


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