Garage doors

Garage door

Many would like garage doors that require a minimal amount of maintenance and inspection. Edlandsportens steel doors are a natural and safe choice. 

Edlands steel doors are especially solid, of the highest quality and need only a normal inspection and wash. The doors are 42 millimetre thick and very  
strong - up to 5 metres wide and does not require stiffeners.

The door components of the both the front and back sides are screwed together and well integrated. Polyurethane foam is  applied to the thick steel plates based on a sandwich principle.   This provides for superior strength that few other manufacturers can match.
In this way you have a very solid garage door which also insures against break-ins.  Especially if you include and mount an automatic door opener from Edlandsporten, with an immobilizer. Read more about this under “The door openers”


The majority are not content only with a strong garage door it should of course look attractive as well.  Edlandsporten gives you the peace of mind via  solid quality products, at the same time that you have the freedom of choice through the wide range of designs.
Garage doors designed by Edlandsportens are amongst the best on the market, with a wood pattern and marked and deep fillings which gives a natural and attractive appearance. We also supply doors with horizontal panels - for those who want it - in either a wood pattern or with a smooth surface.
In general you have a wide range of choices when it comes the appearance of a steel garage door. Whatever you prefer you can choose traditional or neutral colours, for example a white door, or something more special such as graphite grey or a nut design.

All white steel doors can be treated in an optional NCS-RAL code, such that the entire unit is safeguarded in the best possible way.  And if you choose a steel door with windows you also have a wide range of windows to choose from.  The doors panel bodies can be supplied with curved or rectangular Windows.  That is, the common square and latticed windows, or arched windows that can form a sunburst pattern.

The window designs are flexible, and fit  regardless of the size on the door. The windows can be delivered either insulated or uninsulated, according to the kind of needs and desires you as a customer has. Specially designed windows in steel also comes with door panels with a  smooth surface.