Steel doors

Door nr 32


This cutting of this type of rich exotic dark wood is highly regulated making it costly so there is a clear need for imitations.

This garage door is painted to mimics the wood nut. Garage doors that made of dark wood need to be treated with oil, to reveal the structure and depth of wood. This is very beautiful when the garage door is new and the surface perfect. But it requires regular maintenance, which involves regular oiling and shining.  Eventually the finish will fade giving the door a tired look.  You don‘t have that problem away with this garage door that is made in steel and paint.

Horizontal panel in a nut design.

Width cm

The door should be 4 cm wider than the aperture.

204-604.10 cm interval is standard. The width can also be customized as desired.

Optimal choice is width cm:
244, 254, 264, 304, 354, 404, 504, 454, 554, 604


Height cm

The door should optimally be 1 cm higher then the aperture.

4 sections:
199, 202, 205, 208, 212, 215, 219, 222, 225.

5 sections:
247, 251, 254, 258, 261, 264, 268, 271, 274, 277, 280.

6 sections:
247, 251, 254, 258, 261, 264, 268, 271, 274, 277, 280.

The height can be customized as desired.

Customize the colour on your garage door.

Would you like a particular colour on your garage doors to provide a better impression of  your property? We can supply just the shade you desire. All we need is the colour code type “NCS" or "RAL".
If you only have a colour number, your paint supplier can convert the number to one of these codes.
The garage doors are spray painted with a 2-component polyurethane paint. This is a strong varnish that has a long shelf life. Of course, it costs more to have your own colour, but then you will also be more satisfied with the overall impression on your property. 

Properties/technical information

  • Thickness 42mm.
  • Rust-proofed and painted for long life or covered in foil. Quiet operation.
  • Insulated with polyurethane foam providing good strength and stability. Eco-friendly insulation
  • Shape stability especially important for very wide garage doors. Pre painted or covered in foil - ready for installation and use.
  • With or without a surface texture or foil covered. Solid fixing of screws for the hinges and fittings.
  • Solid steel capsules close the ends of the sections. Solid steel backs give a very nice back side.
  • No visible screws or rivets on the outside.
  • Anti clamping modules and internal shielding protect against personal injury.
  • Springs that will not damage the surroundings if a failure occurs

Advice on optional equipment

We recommend that an automatic garage door opener be mounted on every garage door. It  provides a better security against burglary and it gently maneuvers the door. 
If you do not choose this solution the alternative is to mount a manual lock. 

Solid fittings and rails

  • Steel in all mounting parts.
  • Steel/nylon in the castors with steel ball bearings. 45 mm diameter. 11 mm shaft of castors.
  • Sturdy hinges. Sturdy rails.
  • Solid mounting angles and suspension materials.
  • Wall Rails with protective covers against injury.
  • Rigid door sections counteracts door sagging when open. 

Standard values

  • Anti clamping.  
  • Weatherstripping.  
  • Swivelling castors.
  • Insulation value/U-value* is 1,7 W/(m2k)
  • It requires 21 cm, in additional height, including space for the door opener and side clearance of 10 cm

* U-value is an expression for thermal conductivity. The lower the U-value is, the better the insulation properties.

Corrosion resistant garage door components

Description of  garage door section components. Each layer represents the additional protection of the garage door sections.

The illustration shows the average of the garage door section:

1.    High quality protective foil is is used on both sides - protecting the sections against scratches from the manufacturer to consumer.
2.    Polyester surface. Garage doors nr 24 and 28 have a top layer with foil that mimics unpainted nut wood.
3.    Primer/priming. 
4.    Corrosion protected zinc surface - galvanized.
5.    Steel plates of fine quality.
6.    Corrosion protected zinc surface - galvanized,
7.    A layer that secures the connection between the polyurethane foam and steel plates.
8.    Polyurethane foam


The garage and garage door often give the first impression.  Give the facade an extra lift with a decorative window on the garage door.  
Often a garage is used for different tasks, and a window in the garage door will provide  give you some natural light in addition to the electric light. The daylight from the window will also help ensure that you don‘t feel so isolated and enclosed in the garage when you are in  there.
The Windows of the garage doors can be supplied with single or double layer plexiglass. If you use the garage in winter for other activities it is best to select insulated glass.  Perhaps you might like to have a heated garage so it will be comfortable to sit in the car during winter? 

There are 3 traditional pattern to choose from sunburst  Spokes and Cross bars In addition, you can choose windows without patterns.
In addition to traditional patterns, we have exclusive square and round windows with frames in brushed steel. We deliver the entire window casing in aluminium
Sunburst window width 244-304 cm, 4 windows.
Sunburst window width 326-354 cm, 5 windows.
Sunburst window width 424-460 cm, 7 windows.
Sunburst window width 482-496 cm, 8 windows
Crossbar windows for all widths, 3 to 9 windows. Windows can be delivered without crossbar patterns