Provisions of the guaranty

Garage doors:
  • Edlandsporten has a 10-year guaranty against rusting from the inside from the date of purchase. 
  • Foiled doors: The foil has a 5-year guaranty which applies to door numbers 24, 27, 28 and 29. 
  • For springs, wires, rollers, and hinges a guaranty period of 5-years applies. This assumes a normal load of a maximum of 5 door openings and closings per day. 
  • In case of delivery of a replacement, the guaranty period is 6-months, with the remainder of the guaranty still running. 

Door openers:
  • The Edland’s opener has a 5-year guaranty on the rails, motor, and belt. This assumes a normal load of a maximum of 5 door openings and closings per day. 
  • Wireless units have a 2-year guaranty.

Exempt from the guaranty is damage caused by

  • The use of untrained workers to mount the door
  • Neglect of maintenance and service performed by untrained personnel negligent or intentional damage
  • The effect of external conditions which for example include, water, fire, alkali, acid, paving, (steam damaged foil) and other abnormal environmental influences. Incorrect or deficient overloading carried out after the door is delivered.
  • Incorrect or deficient overloading carried out following delivery
  • Mechanical damage due to improper transport
  • Assembly or repair carried out by unqualified person


  • Guaranty claims are only valid in Norway and only for damage to components included in the purchase. A valid guaranty certificate must show that a fully completed final inspection of the door has been carried out along with a proof of purchase.
  • We replace the parts during the guaranty period.  Costs are not covered in relation to the assembly, disassembly or transport if Edlandsporten did not assemble the product. Parts that have been replaced must be returned to Edlandsporten. 
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